Can we add graphics card to HP laptop? 

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"Most laptops including HP laptops, placed their GPU permanently on the motherboard, so there's usually no way to replace it or add it to a new graphics card."

You can connect an external graphics card using a PCIe slot or Thunderbolt connection and eGPU dock.

It is not possible to replace or add a graphics card to your laptop because the GPU is soldered to the motherboard.

Overclocking your Graphics Card:

Although overclocking is one of those options, you can take a few small steps before choosing a drastic solution.

Using an external GPU gives powerful graphics without having to replace your entire laptop or poke around five internal components of your HP laptop.

Advantages of external graphics cards:

In order for everything to work smoothly, you need to make sure that the graphics card and eGPU dock or whatever you want to connect to the external unit are compatible with your HP laptop.

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