Should I buy laptop online or offline?

While purchasing a laptop, most individuals are confused about whether to buy a laptop online or offline.

After deciding the brand, determine exactly your need and then go shopping, this is standard procedure for purchasing a laptop.

For those who do not have enough time to evacuate in stores, online shopping is a good choice.

So before you buy a laptop online or offline, we have considered several advantages and disadvantages of a laptop.

Advantages & disadvantages of buying the laptop online vs offline:

1. Return Replacement:

If you buy a laptop online from Amazon or Flipkart, you will get a 7-day or 15-day replacement policy and if there’s an issue with it, you can return it and get your money refunded.

Also, if the laptop has scratches, damages, faults, or if you do not like the product, it does not meet your requirements or it is not correctly sealed, you can easily return it.

There is no replacement option if you buy from a local retailer.

So, there is a huge benefit to shopping online.

2. Warranty:

You will get a warranty that the company claims for both online and offline purchases.

You will not have any warranty issues for either option; the warranty will be covered whether you buy online or offline.

Just visit your nearest service centre and you can get anything repaired under a specific warranty.

Offline services have the benefit of occasionally providing free extended warranties.

3. Right Price:

You will always get the laptop at the same price as online customers.

If you don’t know online purchases and current prices, then go to the offline market to buy a laptop and you will get it at a higher price.

For example, if you buy any i5 laptop online, you will get it for around 40k to 60k but if you buy it offline, it will cost you around 50k to 70k.

So, I suggest that you should shop online as it will save you money.

Local businesses and stores are slightly more expensive than those available online.

4. All models available:

The extreme benefits of shopping online are that you can see all the models.

For example: If you go to the nearest store to buy a laptop, you will see only a limited number of models that the shopkeepers have.

But if you shop online, you will see thousands of models according to your needs and budget.

You can search for a laptop that meets your needs with multiple features which is a major advantage of online shopping, so you should do your shopping online.

5. Sales and Offers:

There are many great sales and offers online.

The laptop costs 55k offline and you will get 50k online buy, these offers are less in the offline market than the online market.

If there are no sales offers and discounts available online, you can wait for the discount and deals.

If you have a credit card, check the offers available to save a significant amount of money and earn extra rewards on your purchases.

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6. Required models available:

If you buy a model online and then want to buy the same model offline, it’s unlikely that you will discover it, therefore you have a better chance of finding it online.

You won’t have to rely on reviews if you go to the store and personally inspect the laptop like size, build quality, keyboard, weight, etc.

You can look at everything based on a personal level and experience.

If you buy it locally and something goes wrong, they have to fix your laptop as soon as possible.

Also, you can negotiate the prices or get free items like a laptop bag or mouse which can save you money as compared to online offers.

You can deal with the salesman while shopping offline and you will have to go through a return/replacement policy.

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7. Latest models generation:

You can see i5, i7 are currently the latest generation.

If you buy a laptop offline, you’ll get the 7th or 8th generation, but if you buy it online, you’ll get the 9th or 10th generation with new features.

And if you are not an experienced buyer or you do not know much about laptops, you may be betrayed by retailers as they will display you older models that they cannot sell.

They’ll offer you, models based on your budget and knowledge.

If you inquire about a specific model, they will tell you that it is no longer available and you should buy this one instead.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Where is the best place to buy a laptop online?


What is the best time to buy a laptop?

The optimum periods to buy a laptop are spring, late summer, and the holiday season.

What is the best site to buy a laptop?

Amazon is the best site to buy a laptop online.


The laptops are more inexpensive than before, whether you buy a laptop online or offline.

The majority of the time, good deals may be available online or offline.

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