How to Measure Screen Size of Laptop?

A laptop has several sizes such as 11-inch, 13-inch and 17-inch, however, if the situation arises to measure the screen size of the laptop.

There are some simple methods for determining laptop screen size that is discussed further in this article.

Laptop screens vary in size and ratio, the display is considered the most important feature because it is the first thing that a consumer notices while making a purchase, therefore the screen size is crucial.

The bigger screen laptop is more expensive.

Basic Guidelines for Measure the Screen Size of the Laptop:

  1. The general concept of measuring laptop screen size is measured diagonally.
  2. The most accurate method is to measure screen size diagonally from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. The screen size does not indicate the laptop’s size because the bezel is not included in the screen size.
  4. While buying a laptop bag, it is ideal to add a few inches to the actual measurement.
  5. You’ll need a measuring tape or a large ruler to determine the dimensions.
  6. Keep in mind that it’s not intended to be a perfect measurement of screen size, but it does cover everything.
  7. The traditional unit of measurement in inches, however, any other measurement may suffice.
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How to measure the screen size of a laptop?

While some people measure the bezel outline covering inaccurately, laptop screen size relates to the dimensions of the area where Windows is displayed.

Laptop screen size is normally measured in inches.

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Method 1- Using a measuring tape:

A measuring tape can be used to determine the size of the screen.

Make sure the calibrated side of the measuring tape is at diagonally opposite corners of your laptop while measuring the screen.

Confirm that the tape is clean as it may dirty your screen.

Method 2- Viewing the laptop’s manual:

Open the laptop’s manual and search for screen specifications to make sure you’ve measured the accurate dimensions with a measuring tape.

The dimensions of the laptop screen are listed in the manual.

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Method 3- Viewing the backside of the laptop:

On the back of your laptop, search for a label that specifies the model number and other important details, such as the screen size.

Apart from it, the screen size is written in numbers on the top right side of some laptops.

The H243HX, for example, designates a 24-inch display.

Method 4- Browsing the official site of the laptop:

Laptop screen sizes can be found by surfing the web or visiting the official website.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I find out my laptop screen size?

Begin measuring diagonally from the bottom left of the laptop screen to the top right of the laptop screen with a measuring tape.

What is the difference between a 14-inch and a 15.6-inch laptop?

A 14-inch laptop is typically smaller and more compact.

Are 15.6 laptops too small?

The 15.6″ laptop is smaller and lighter.


In general, understanding your laptop’s screen size is a good idea.

You can measure the screen size of a laptop with a diagonal measuring tape or check the specifications of your device online.

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