How to improve battery life of laptop?

If you have just bought a new laptop, we will help you figure out how to improve the battery life of the laptop.

The laptops have become more influential, but they can be more efficient if they give a longer battery life.

Laptop battery life is a major cause of frustration; Significant improvements can be made with good practice and some software changes to improve battery life.

The following are ten simple methods to improve the battery life of your laptop as follows:

Methods to improve the battery life of laptop:

1. Dim your screen:

The most power-hungry part of the laptop is the display.

To keep your display appearing clean and bright, you will need a lot of battery power.

This is as simple as turning the brightness down to save energy.

As a secondary purpose of the F keys, the screen brightness button is shown as a little sun symbol with up and down icons.

To use it, simply hold down the appropriate function key while selecting up or down.

2. Change power settings:

Windows 10 has several amazing power features that help you to get the greatest performance while you are plugged in and improve the battery life of the laptop when you are on the go.

Type ‘Power Options’ into the Start Search box, then select ‘Power Saver’ from the results.

More battery-saving options in Windows 10 offer the ability to fast turn off the monitor and enter sleep mode.

3. Switch off Wi-Fi:

The wireless networking functionality included in most laptops is one of the largest battery drainers.

Wi-Fi reduces the battery by withdrawing power from it regularly and detects the network when it is not connected.

You are likely to be away from the WIFI network when you’re using your laptop off the grid, so you can turn it off.

Most laptops have a function button that allows you to manually turn off the WIFI adapter to save electricity.

In this case, select the Speech Bubble icon on the right side of the taskbar to enter the Notification Centre, then disable Wi-Fi.

4. Turn off peripherals:

Since USB devices require power from your motherboard, they might drain your system thus disconnecting everything saves you money.

USB sticks, rats, and cameras are popular offenders, so copy all of your data and get your device out as quickly as possible, and use your USB mouse with the laptop trackpad.

When the opportunity arises, many laptops feature function buttons that may be used to switch off the built-in webcam, saving battery life.

If you don’t require sound, turn off your laptop’s speaker because it beeps when an e-mail arrives or when Windows starts up.

5. Eject your disc drives:

A disc spinning in the drive consumes a significant number of resources, while several apps do it regularly.

To acquire the extra minutes for your workday, simply eject your discs before switching to battery power.

Most new laptops do not come with a disc drive, but if you do, make sure it is free while you are on the go.

6. Invest in some hardware:

While general guidelines will help you to improve the battery life of the laptop, if you need to use it all day, you will need some assistance.

Although most laptops have 6-cell batteries, several manufacturers offer upgrades to 8 or even 12-cell batteries that will significantly enhance your battery life.

Portable laptop battery chargers are an affordable alternative to expensive laptop batteries providing vital extra hours for all of your devices.

These are usually small battery packs with adapters for most laptops and cell phones that are small enough to fit in a bag and have enough capacity to double your charge time.

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7. Disable features:

While Windows 10 has several useful built-in capabilities, many of them impose unnecessary loads on your system while it is running.

As you progress, take little steps to turn off graphical enhancements to make your laptop more efficient.

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8. Battery care:

Lithium-ion batteries do not discharge completely, but they should be utilized once they have been charged.

If you have a standby that you keep topped up, make sure you replace it regularly.

Additionally, if you have an older non-Lithium-Ion battery, it must be discharged regularly.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Why my laptop battery is draining so fast?

A drained or old battery is the most common cause of laptop battery failure.

Are 5 hours of battery life good for a laptop?

The 5 hours of battery life are sufficient for some laptops, but it is insufficient for others.

Is it okay to leave my laptop plugged in all the time?

If you leave a battery plugged in all the time, there’s little risk of overcharging it.


It is critical to improve the battery life of the laptop if you want it to last as long as possible.

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