How to charge laptop in car?

Although laptops are often charged via a wall outlet, there are several ways to charge a laptop in your car.

The most common technique of charging a laptop is via a power inverter or a laptop charger, but they are quite inexpensive.

It’s essential to remember that all these techniques are safe and effective.

We have discussed the four simple ways to charge your laptop while driving a car as follows:

Methods to charge laptop in the car:

1. Using A USB Charger:

You will need a USB charger compatible with your vehicle.

This is the most practical method for charging your laptop while driving.

It is available for purchase online or offline in the electronics store.

If you are using a USB charger, charging your laptop won’t take long.

2. Using A Universal USB Charger:

The alternative option is to purchase a universal USB car charger.

You can simply charge your laptop with a universal charger by connecting a USB cable to a power outlet and a car cigarette lighter.

However, you must ensure that your laptop supports charging via a USB port, as certain laptops do not accept charging via the USB Type-C port.

MacBooks and Dell XPS notebooks have USB Type-C ports for charging.

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3. Using A Power Bank:

You may charge your laptop using a giant power bank.

However, you must first ensure that your laptop is capable of charging via the power bank.

This is because certain laptops feature USB Type-C ports but not charging ports.

A USB Type-C port is used for charging in some modern computers, such as MacBooks and Dell XPS series laptops.

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4. Using A Car Laptop Charger:

A laptop charger is an alternative method for charging your laptop in the automobile.

You can just put it into your laptop’s power jack and start charging it as the standard charger in your laptop.

Connect the charger to the cigarette lighter socket in your automobile and begin charging by plugging the other end into the laptop’s power jack.

Make sure your car’s engine is running while executing this procedure; otherwise, there is a risk of damaging your charger or laptop.

These laptop vehicle chargers aren’t particularly costly, so you can purchase them at any electronics store or get them online from Amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I use a USB to charge my laptop?

You can use a USB-C connection cable to charge your laptop if it has a built-in USB-C port.

Can I charge my laptop with a USB in my car?

Yes, you can charge your laptop by connecting the USB connection to a power source and a cigarette lighter in your car.

Can I charge the laptop using a power bank?

Yes, you can charge the laptop using a power bank.


A power inverter or a laptop charger can be used to charge most laptops.

You will need a USB-C-enabled Power Delivery power bank if your laptop has a USB-C port.

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