Difference between UNIX and Windows Operating System

Windows and Unix are the operating systems.

The operating system is called system software which supervises software resources and computer hardware that provides services to PC programs.

Unix is a system used in universities, large enterprises, companies, etc.

Microsoft Windows is the evolution of the graphical interface operating system sold by Microsoft.

This article will explain the difference between Unix and Windows operating systems as follows:

UNIX Vs Windows Operating System:

What is UNIX Operating System?

The UNIX operating system is a set of programs that connects the user to the machine.

The UNIX operating system was developed in the 1960s, it is popular among scientists, engineers, and academics because of most of its characteristics such as flexibility, portability, network capabilities, etc.

It is a dependable, multi-user, multitasking system for servers, PCs and laptops.

The UNIX operating system may run on a variety of platforms since it is written in the C programming language.

The component of the UNIX operating system is the Command Line Interface (CLI).

If you want to perform tasks that aren’t covered by graphical software or when a window interface isn’t available during a telnet session, you’ll need to be familiar with UNIX.


  1. On UNIX servers, several sizable online retailers run their websites. Mobile phones and other electrical devices have also been controlled by it in the past.
  2. When complex programs are executed, they use less memory. It might manage the virtual memory quite skilfully.
  3. Since the UNIX operating system is free and secure, web hosting companies frequently employ it.
  4. You can open a lot of programs at once with multiprocessor technology, they all run simultaneously.
  5. It provides a safe and secure environment for many users to communicate with servers online without security risks.
  6. The UNIX servers are quickly and flawlessly contacted.
  7. Users are not required to deal with a variety of web servers and electrical devices.


  1. There isn’t any reliable documentation available for UNIX. If a user has a problem, he should contact an expert because it can be challenging to get online help from documentation.
  2. New users find it challenging to use.
  3. The majority of UNIX commands employ obscure language.
  4. The UNIX operating system’s user interface is unattractive.
  5. Some UNIX variations require the most RAM.

What is Windows Operating System?

Microsoft Cooperation created and developed the operating system known as Windows; it is the most popular operating system ever.

Windows employs a graphical user interface (GUI).

It enables users to browse the Internet, run applications, watch videos, store files, and play games.

Microsoft Windows 1.0 was released to the public on November 10, 1983.

Microsoft Windows has a variety of versions including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 95, Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.

There are several helpful features included with the Windows operating system.

The user may quickly organize their files into folders.

The system’s installed software can be found via the start button.

Additionally, users can access the control panel and obtain system assistance and support by pressing the start button.

 To further personalize the desktop, many themes can be utilized.

It also has helpful software including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.


  1. Software and game developers can use the Windows platform.
  2. The majority of equipment vendors produce drivers for Windows because it is the operating system that 95% of consumers use.
  3. By attachment and play features, the majority of equipment may be naturally distinguished.
  4. A console, mouse, webcam, cell phone, etc. can all be used without being physically installed.
  5. Every version of Microsoft Windows has a feature that makes switching between them straightforward for users.


  1. The majority of Windows items including design software, games, and Download Chief are paid.
  2. It costs a lot to use Windows operating system.
  3. You’ll also need to purchase other Microsoft software, such as MS Office to use the machine to carry out standard office functions.
  4. Windows security is easily circumvented by hackers.
  5. Support for the Windows operating system is not optimal for the majority of users.

What is the Difference between UNIX and Windows Operating System?

UNIX Operating SystemWindows Operating System
An integrated Command Line Interface is included (CLI).An interactive graphical user interface is included (GUI).
The operating system is free and open-source.The operating system has a license.
Due to the explicit user consent required for all system changes, it is more secure.It is less safe to use.
Multiprocessing is enabled.The multiprocessing feature is not supported.
Files may be regarded as distinct files and the case is completely relevant.There is an option for case sensitivity.
Its operating system is command-based.The operating system is based on menus.
Hardware support is scarce on UNIX systems and some hardware might not come with drivers preinstalled.Drivers are available for almost every hardware.
The STD.ERR and STD.IO file systems are part of the Unix File System (UFS) used.The New Technology File System (NTFS) and the File Allocation System (FAS) are used (FAT32).
High levels of stability are a hallmark of Unix and its distributions.Despite recent improvements in stability, Windows still lacks the Unix systems’ level of dependability.
With the release of new Unix distributions, building a backup and recovery system in UNIX is becoming easier.It is user-friendly because it has a built-in backup and recovery system.


Windows is a system used on computer desktops, portable workstations, servers, and some phones, while UNIX is used on a variety of platforms since it is written in the C programming language.

Everyone uses Linux and Windows Operating system, but Unix was initially developed for servers, mainframes, and workstations.

According to suppliers, Windows are more affordable, whereas Unix has a different price structure.

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