Difference between Mac and Windows OS

Mac and Windows OS are the most widespread operating systems.

Almost everyone has a laptop or computer these days, and you’ll need an operating system to operate it effectively.

If you are curious to know about the differences between Mac and Windows operating systems, then you are at a suitable article.

The design, hardware, and functionality of laptops and MacBooks are properly considered.

So, if you want to understand which of these devices is preferable, keep reading.

Windows OS Vs macOS:

What is Windows?

Microsoft Corporation provides a group of exclusive graphical operating systems under the name called Windows.

Windows NT and Windows IoT are currently participants in this family.

The previous iterations were Windows Mobile, Windows 9x, and Mobile, likewise Windows Phone.

The majority of personal computers utilize this operating system the most.

In 1985, Microsoft introduced the first version of Windows OS as compared to mac OS.

The most recent iteration of Windows is a recent version of Windows for personal computers.

What is macOS?

Apple Incorporation offers the macOS line of proprietary graphical operating systems.

Its previous names were Mac OS X and OS X respectively.

It is built especially for Apple mac computers.

It has a Unix operating system foundation. C, C++, Objective-C, assembly, and Swift were used in its development.

Windows OS is most frequently used on personal computers.

The most recent stable version of macOS is 10.15.1, also known as Catalina.

What is the Difference between Windows OS and mac OS?

Windows are manufactured by Microsoft Incorporation.macOS is manufactured by Apple Incorporation.
It first debuted in 1985.It debuted that year in 2001.
It is made for PCs in all businesses.It was created especially for Mac computers.
Windows 11 is currently a stable version.The most recent stable version is mac 12.0.1. (Monterey).
Workstations, laptops, media centres, tablets, and embedded systems are all affected.Its target system consists of workstations, personal computers, and embedded systems.
IA-32, x86-64, IA-64, ARM, Alpha, MIPS, and PowerPC are among the computer architectures that window supports.IA-32 (10.4.4–10.6.8), PowerPC, and x86-64 (10.4.7–present) are supported computer architectures (10.0-10.5.8).
File systems including NTFS, FAT, ISO 9660, UDF, HFS+, FATX, and HFS are supported.HFS+, APFS, HFS, UFS, AFP, ISO 9660, FAT, UDF, NFS, SM BFS, NTFS, and FTP are among the file systems WebDAV and ZFS are all supported.
Hybrid with modules is the kernel type in this case.Modules are also present in this hybrid kernel.
Custom installers or MSIs are used for package management.As compared to Windows OS, using the mac OS installer, you can manage packages.
Windows Update handles update management.Software Update is the administration of updates.
Win32 and NT API are examples of native APIs.Carbon, Cocoa, Java, and BSD-POSIX are the native APIs.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the difference between Windows and Mac OS?

Mac is designed specifically for Apple Mac computers, while Windows is based on the Unix operating system.

Is Windows faster than Mac OS?

Windows boots significantly faster than Mac.

Is Mac more stable than Windows?

Yes, Mac is more stable.


When deciding between Apple Mac and Windows OS, you must be impartial.

You must discover and compare your needs with features, functionality, speed, and other features.

The most extreme restriction is to prevent making hasty decisions.

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