Difference between Laptop and Notebook

Processing speed is the fundamental difference between a laptop and a notebook.

As compared to notebooks, laptops have a higher processing capacity but they differ in terms of usage, size, and weight.

A computer is a device that can carry out commands.

Several types of computers came into the market as a result of the quick advancement of technology.

The two smallest types of portable computers are laptops and notebooks.

Laptop Vs Notebook:


A modern computer that can replace a desktop is a laptop. Laptops can be used whatever the user chooses that are as powerful as desktop computers.

Depending on the model, laptops typically weigh 4 to 12 pounds that have varying display sizes and thicknesses.

Laptops have a DVD drive and other peripheral options, as compared to notebooks.


Due to their compact size and ease of mobility, modern computers are referred to as notebook computers.

Typically, notebook computers have fewer hardware features than laptops.

Notebook computers are not a replacement for desktop computers.

There is no choice for DVD drives or other peripherals, and notebooks have less processing capability than laptops.

What is the Difference between Laptop and Notebook?

Fans and other cooling mechanisms are used in laptops.Due to their lower processing power than laptops, notebooks typically lack an efficient cooling system.
Generally speaking, laptops are larger and heavier than notebooks.Unlike laptops, notebooks are more portable and lighter.
The processing power of a laptop is higher.The processing power of a notebook is less than that of a laptop.
The laptop features a choice of a DVD or optical drive.The laptop lacks an optical drive and a DVD-drive choice.
There is a peripheral choice on the laptop.While the laptop doesn’t have any peripheral options.
Stronger than notebook hardware is laptop hardware.In contrast to a laptop, its hardware is straightforward.
Generally speaking, laptops cost more than notebooks.The cost of a notebook is lower than that of a laptop.


A laptop is a fantastic choice, if you want to purchase a computer with a large screen, high resolution, good cooling system, and great performance.

Notebook is a fantastic choice if you want a device with excellent portability and a low price.

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