Difference between Laptop and Chromebook

Chromebook and laptop look the same in terms of design and structure, but Chromebooks are an entirely new product that differs drastically from conventional laptops that are powered exclusively by Google.

Before Chromebooks came on the market, laptops had undisputed dominance in the field of mobile computing.

A cheaper, quicker laptop with a lightweight operating system is called Chromebooks, they are used as sensitive Chrome browsers to run without the help of Windows or Mac OS.

It can perform almost everything including watching and streaming videos, listening to music, altering photographs, reading emails, and more.

Identical to the Chrome browser, it is mostly Internet-based because most of its applications are cloud-based.

In short, it is an elegant version of the Chrome browser designed for online use.

Chromebook Vs Laptop:

What is Chromebook?


A new generation of inexpensive laptops known as Chromebooks utilizes the Chrome OS, a Linux-based operating system that is optimized for usage with an Internet connection.

They are extremely unlike laptops but run-on other OS such as Android.

As an online-only computer that does the majority of its work in the cloud, Chrome accomplishes its fundamental tasks fairly well.

It would be a standard laptop with fewer bells and whistles in a fictional universe.

They are exceedingly light and basically don’t require strong processors or lots of RAM, they depend more and more on Google apps and cloud services.

A Chromebook is a cheap laptop that runs the Chrome OS software instead of Microsoft Windows.

Due to their simple design and user-friendly interface, Chromebooks are incredibly well-liked in the education community.

Your feature-rich laptops can barely be replaced by Chromebooks, but they are absolutely worth every single penny.

The search button on the Chrome OS is identical to the Windows Start button, giving it the look and feel of a Windows laptop.

And in comparison, to Windows and Mac OS, it is incredibly lightweight.

There are secure cloud versions of Maps, Gmail, and Docs, as well as all of Google’s best features.

All you need to do to start using it without any additional setup with your Google account so that it can sync with your Android-based devices.

 Chromebooks are updated automatically, so downloading and manually upgrading them is not necessary.

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What is Laptop?

A laptop is a personal computer that is portable with a smaller physical factor.

Despite its small, it has every feature a full-sized desktop computer possesses.

It is a tiny, battery-powered computer with a trackball, which is a type of mouse, an on-screen keyboard, and a touchpad.

Laptops utilize Windows OS or Mac OS, as opposed to Chromebooks.

It functions just like a personal computer because it has all of the same features, however, laptop prices are typically higher than desktop prices.

They are made to use less energy that is often powered by AC power or batteries like Li-ion or NiMH.

They can easily complete nearly any task because of their strong processors and lots of RAM.

What is the Difference between Chromebook and Laptop?

Operating System:

The major difference is the operating system.

A full-featured operating system made for various kinds of devices, Microsoft Windows or Mac OS is typically used to power laptops.

Chromebooks are run by the Chrome OS, which is simply a condensed version of Google’s Chrome web browser.


With a few added capabilities, Cloud Chrome OS is mainly simply the Chrome web browser and relies on Google services like Gmail, Maps, Docs, Drive, and others.

 A Chromebook is a notebook that runs the Chrome OS.

It doesn’t need as much RAM or powerful processors as laptops to run the program.

Instead, it is cloud-based, which means that all of the software and programs are accessible online.


As compared to Windows laptop, Chromebook is primarily intended for online use, hence their specifications are less important.

The lack of disc drives is due to the fact that everything is kept in the cloud and files are stored on Google Drive.

Instead, it can be added with more storage using USB or SD cards.

Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office cannot be set up to work on a Chromebook.

Instead, you may use Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, and One Note on a Chromebook because Microsoft hosts all of them in the cloud.

The native Google Docs and Sheets apps in Chrome are preferable to Word and Excel as replacements.

Chrome OS doesn’t support application downloads and instead relies on web apps.

Printer Access:

The USB port or a Wi-Fi network cannot be used to connect a Chromebook directly to a printer.

Instead, you must transmit your print jobs over the internet using Google Cloud Print.

Only printers that support Google Cloud Print are compatible with Chromebooks.

PC Games:

You cannot play your favourite PC games on a Chromebook including Call of Duty, Need for Speed, etc.

With the exception of AAA games, which demand ultra-gaming computers, laptops can play games rather effectively.

Difference between Laptop and Chromebook:

A new type of laptop based on Chrome OS is called a Chromebook.Laptops are full-featured desktop computers in smaller form factors.
It utilizes the Chrome OS, a Google web-based operating system that is largely used online.Its runs on Microsoft Windows or Mac OS.
It is developed for use online.They are designed to be used both online and off.
Programs and applications are kept in the cloud.The storage device hosted applications.
Chromebooks lack hard drives.Solid-state drives and disc drives are features of laptops.
It has a shorter wait time for loading than laptops.It loads a little slower than Chromebooks.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Which is better a Chromebook or a laptop?

The Chromebook is better than a laptop because of its low cost, long battery life and better security.

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are a new type of computer designed to perform tasks faster and easier.

What is the laptop?

A laptop is a small, portable personal computer (PC) with a screen and an alphanumeric keyboard.

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The main difference between Chromebooks and laptops is their operating systems.

Laptops run on the most popular Windows operating system whereas Chromebooks run on web-based Chrome OS, which is just a sensitive version of the Chrome browser with some added features.

At first appearance, both seem to be the same, but they have very different features and performances.

One of the many characteristics that set a Chromebook apart from a laptop is its heavy dependence on the cloud and its focus on internet use.

Recently introduced Chromebooks are not suitable for everyone.

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