Difference between Dot Matrix Printer and Laser Printer

Laser printer and dot matrix printer are the different types of printers that are available in the market.

These printers differ from each other in various ways including cost, the technology used and maintenance.

Laser printers are more commonly found in office settings, while dot matrix printers are only found in certain applications.

Each of these printers has its advantages and disadvantages, a person should ensure his requirement before buying a printer.

Dot Matrix Printer Vs Laser Printer:

Laser Printer:

A laser printer prints characters or graphics without physically touching the paper.

Digital Equipment Corporation first made it available in 1970.

Unlike a Dot Matrix printer, it offers high-speed, high-quality printing.

Dot Matrix Printer:

Dot matrix printers are a type of impact printer that create characters or graphics by striking a print hammer or wheel against an inked ribbon.

 Gary Starkweather created it in 1969.

As compared to a laser printer, it prints at a modest speed and with poor quality.

What is the Difference between Dot Matrix Printers and Laser Printers?

Dot Matrix PrinterLaser Printer
In 1970, the Digital Equipment Corporation released the first dot matrix printer.In 1970, Digital Equipment Corporation released the first laser printer.
Impact printing devices such as Dot Matrix Printers use a print hammer or wheel to strike an inked ribbon to imprint characters or images.Characters or images are printed on paper without making contact with it, making it a form of non-impact printer.
The dot-matrix printer prints documents more slowly.Dot matrix printers print documents more slowly than laser printers.
Dot matrix printers provide less high-quality prints than laser printers.Compared to the Dot Matrix printers, laser printers have better printing quality.
The printing technique often involves continuous sheets of paper.The printing process usually involves individual sheets of paper.
For printing, it functions to press pins up against an inked ribbon.When printing, it warms up the fine ink powder before applying it to the paper.
Printers that use serial dots and line dots are part of it.Colour or black-and-white printers are included.
When printing, very little noise is made.During the printing process, no noise is made.
Printing is done using a ribbon that has been inked.To print, a cartridge is used.
Contrary to the laser printer, the dot-matrix printer features a 30-550 character per second printing speed.It offers 20 pages per minute of printing speed.
The price is lower.The price is increased.


The cost of printing a single report on the laser printer and dot-matrix printer is Rs 0.75 and Rs 0.20.

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