Difference between DOS and Windows

DOS and Windows are two separate operating systems, DOS is less often used whereas Windows is a more widely used OS.

The main difference between these two operating systems is that DOS is a CLI-based system with a single user, while Windows include multiple users, multiple tasks, and graphical user interfaces.

In the current scenario, DOS is a less popular operating system whereas Windows is a more popular operating system, the DOS OS uses less memory and electricity than Windows OS.

If you’re confused about whether to install a Disk Operating System or Windows Operating System on your laptop, then this article will assist you to determine whether to use DOS or Windows.

DOS Vs Windows:

What is DOS?

DOS stands for Disk Operating System.

It gives a file system so that users can read, write, and arrange files on the disc storage.

It basically functions as an operating system for one person and it performs a number of tasks to guarantee the system’s smooth operation.

DOS allocates resources, handles hardware devices, manages hardware devices, and facilitates program loading and execution.

No GUI is available for DOS (Graphical User Interface) and its user interface is similar to a command line.

The user’s commands are evaluated to carry out the required task when they are entered into the command line.

PRINT, DEL, ERASE, and COPY are just a few of the commands it contains.

External commands refer to the other categories of DOS commands, they are not commonly employed.

When required, the RAM is loaded with these DOS commands and external commands including SYS and COMP for instance as compared to Windows.

What is Windows?

Microsoft Cooperation created and developed the operating system known as Windows.

There are various iterations of Microsoft Windows that are still in use today like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 95, Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10.

The Windows operating system has a number of characteristics.

The user can quickly create folders and arrange files in them, and the device’s installed software can be found by using the start button.

Users can also seek help and support for the system by going to the control panel via the start button.

The desktop can be customized with several themes.

Users can customize their desktops by adding new colours, backgrounds, and screensavers.

It also offers a number of helpful apps including MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel.

We can create documents using MS Word.

MS Excel enables the processing of financial data and the carrying out of calculations.

Presentations can be made using MS PowerPoint.

Overall, Windows has a user-friendly interface that makes doing activities quick and easy.

What is the Difference between DOS and Windows?

To use DOS, we must keep in mind a number of commands.No need to keep a list of Windows commands in your memory.
It employs a command-line interface, each action can be carried out.It employs a graphic user interface. It adheres to the WIMP (Windows, Icons, Menu, Pointer) interface model.
For DOS, the 16-bit File Allocation Table (FAT16) technique is employed.Windows used FAT32 in early iterations before switching to the Modern Technology File System (NTFS).
The commands are used by DOS to complete any task, the keyboard is used to enter these commands, thus the primary input method for DOS is the keyboard.Windows’ default input methods are the keyboard and mouse. These input methods carry out the click and scroll events for non-text-related operations.
DOS is a monotasking operating system as compared to Windows.The window is a multitasking operating system.
Multi-user cannot be supported by DOS. Only one user may be active at once.Windows may support several users simultaneously by using terminal services (e.g., Windows Servers).
It keeps track of the swap structure and registry data in a catalogue, this information is particularly prone to attacks since it is stored in a subdirectory.It stores registration data in a convoluted directory-based manner, this crucial information cannot be deleted due to the intricate web of the information storage system.
The lack of support for the concept of user made it significantly less secure.Using the concept of authorization fixes the DOS security flaw. To have full control of the computer, users must have higher permissions.
In addition, DOS had networking capabilities.It also put in place computer networks with integrated connectivity.
Its disc storage capacity is low because of its 16-bit segmentation.Due to improvements in memory chips and segmentation techniques, the new Windows operating system has addressed this problem.
Due to its very simple UI and limited functions, it was extremely lightweight.Windows offers more graphically appealing elements such as images, sports, films, etc.

Which Laptop is better DOS or Windows?

DOS OS is less preferred than Windows OS due to the following reasons:

  • Users of DOS must type commands to convey instructions whereas Windows has a graphical user interface that enables users to open applications quickly and easily by recognizing the icons and images.
  • Windows supports multitasking, multiprogramming, and multiuser environments, while DOS offers single-tasking, a single-user environment, and single programming.
  • Windows permit the use of the keyboard and mouse as primary inputs, whereas DOS only permits the use of the keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is DOS OS?

DOS is a CUI type of Operating System.

What is Windows OS?

Windows is a computer operating system (OS).

What is the difference between DOS and Windows?

DOS is a single-tasking, single-user, CLI-based operating system, whereas Windows is a multitasking, multiuser, GUI-based operating system.


After examining the similarities and differences between DOS and Windows, we have determined which OS is better for your laptop.

If you are an employee, student, or housewife, you should invest in a Windows laptop because it’s simple to modify.

However, if you are an ethical hacker or engineer and want to install an automated system, then invest in DOS OS.

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