Best Laptop under 30000 in India

In today’s world, the best laptop under 30000 rupees has become extremely useful in our daily lives.

Unlike a smartphone, a good laptop costs at least 30k rupees, it is appropriate for light to medium tasks like web browsing, emailing, etc.

If you are looking for an effective device, then we have listed the best 5 laptops under 30000 rupees in India 2022.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Top 5 Best laptop under 30000:

1. HP Chromebook 14A Laptop:


Product Summary

  • 14-inch Display.
  • Intel Celeron N4020 Processor.
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM.
  • 64GB eMMC Storage.
  • 9.18 hours Battery life.
  • 1.46kg Weight.

HP is a well-known American consumer electronics company with a long and rich history.


The 14-inch touchscreen display produces vibrant and punchier colours at a high level.

Its display features a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and a brightness of 220nits, making it suitable for indoor use.

Design and Build Quality:

The laptop is made of plastic, but the metal HP logo on the back with a textured surface attracts attention.

Processor and Performance:

This HP 15 laptop has an Intel Celeron N4020 processor.


It performs multitasking effectively because of its 4GB DDR4 RAM.

Graphics Card:

The Intel UHD 600 integrated graphics card assists the CPU in handling graphics-intensive activities.


 To save media files, this laptop features a 64GB eMMC + 256GB expandable storage.

Battery life:

This laptop features a 47-Watt polymer battery that lasts for 9.18 hours.

Ports and Slots:

  • 3 x USB 3.0 ports
  • HDMI port
  • Audio-out Port


The Chrome OS operating system is preinstalled on this HP laptop.


The HP Chromebook 14A is the best laptop under 30000 rupees with a 14-inch display, 4GB RAM and UHD integrated graphics for college students and office use.


  • Light Weight (1.46kg).
  • Better Battery life (9.18hrs).


  • Less Storage capacity (64eMMC).
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2. Lenovo V15 Laptop:


Product Summary

  • 15.6 Inch Display.
  • AMD Athlon Silver 3050U Processor
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM.
  • 1TB HDD Storage.
  • 6.35 hours Battery life.
  • ‎1.8kg Weight.

Lenovo has been a key player in the Indian laptop market.


This Lenovo V15 laptop has a 15.6-inch anti-glare display with a 1366×768 pixels resolution.

The anti-glare coating prevents reflecting rays from entering your eyes which eliminates the eye strain.

The highest illumination level is 220 nits, which is adequate for indoor use but inadequate for outdoor use.

Design and Build Quality:

Since it is composed of high-quality ABS plastic, this laptop weighs 1.8 kg.

This laptop has a textured finish and a simple chassis.

Processor and Performance:

It has an AMD Athlon Silver 3050U processor with a 2.3 GHz base speed and a 3.3 GHz maximum speed.


This 4GB DDR4 RAM is capable of handling common duties like web browsing, media playback, and document editing.

Graphics Card:

The device includes AMD Radeon Graphics.


This laptop has a conventional 1TB hard drive, which provides adequate offline storage space.

Battery life:

The device has a 2-cell 30Wh lithium battery that lasts roughly 6.35 hours.

Using the 65W charging adaptor, it takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the battery.


This Lenovo laptop has Windows 10 Home preloaded.

Ports and Slots:

  • 2 x USB 3.1 ports
  • USB 2.0 port
  • HDMI port
  • 4-in-1 Media Reader


The Lenovo V15 is the best laptop under 30000 in India with 1TB storage and Windows 10 for engineering students and daily use.


  • Better Display (15.6-inch).
  • Ample Storage (1TB HDD).
  • Light Weight (1.8kg).


  • No Cons.
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3. Acer Extensa 15 Laptop:


Product Summary

  • 15.6 Inch Display.
  • Intel Pentium N5030 Processor.
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM.
  • 256GB SSD Storage.
  • 6.5 hours Battery life.
  • ‎1.9 kg Weight.

Acer is a Taiwanese corporation with a long history in India.


This laptop has a 15.6-inch LED-backlit IPS display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

Without any visible pixels, the text and images are adequately sharp and clear.

This display has small bezels around the borders, providing it with a large appearance and a great viewing experience.

Design and Build Quality:

Acer uses ABS plastic materials in its design, but it makes no compromises in terms of quality or aesthetics.

Heat is dissipated quickly by the grill on the bottom laptop.

Processor and Performance:

This laptop features a dual-core Intel Pentium Silver N5030 processor with a 3.5 GHz turbo speed.

RAM and storage:

It contains 4GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD storage for offline document and file storage.

Graphics Card:

The Intel UHD 605 graphics card has been installed.

Battery life:

The two-cell 36-watt Li-ion battery lasts for 6.5 hours.

A 45W AC converter is included, and charging takes about 2-3 hours.

Ports and Slots:

  • USB 3.0 port
  • USB 2.0 port
  • HDMI port
  • Audio-out Port


The Windows 10 operating system comes installed on this laptop.


The Acer Extensa 15 is the best laptop under 30000 rupees with a 15.6 display, powerful processor and good battery life for web browsing, casual gaming & video editing.


  • Better Display (15.6-inch).
  • Faster Storage (SSD).
  • Better Battery life (6.5hrs).


  • Bit Heavy (1.8kg).
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4. Avita Essential Laptop:


Product Summary

  • 14 Inch Display.
  • Intel Celeron-N4020 processor.
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM.
  • 256 SSD Storage.
  • 6 hours Battery life.
  • 1.37 kg Weight.

Since its earliest times, Avita has been accessible in the market as a product for first-time buyers and students.


Its 14-inch FHD display has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

Due to the high-resolution FHD panel, text and visuals appear reasonably sharp.

Design and Build Quality:

This laptop is composed of high-quality polycarbonate, which weighs 1.37 kg.

Processor and Performance:

It has a Celeron-N4020 Processor with a 1.1GHz base speed and 2.8GHz boost speed.


Intel integrated graphics provide smooth graphics performance.

RAM & Storage:

The device includes 4GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD storage.

Battery life:

This laptop features a 2-cell lithium battery that provides 6 hours of battery life when used with a 23.68 W adaptor.

Ports and Slots:

  • USB 3.0 port (Type C)
  • HDMI port


This laptop comes with the Windows 10 operating system preloaded.


The Avita Essential is a mid-range best laptop under 30000 rs with 4GB RAM and SSD storage for AutoCAD, civil engineering, etc.


  • Faster Storage (SSD).
  • Light Weight (1.37kg).
  • Better Battery life (6hrs).


  • No Cons.
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5. ASUS Vivo Book 14 Laptop:

Asus-VivoBook-14 Best Laptop under 30000

Product Summary

  • 14-inch Display.
  • Intel Core i3-1005G1 Processor.
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM.
  • 1TB HDD Storage.
  • 6 hours Battery life.
  • 1.6 kg Weight.

The Asus Vivobook 15 is the world’s smallest all-rounder laptop, allowing you to complete your tasks quickly and effectively.


This laptop has a 14-inch LED-backlit LCD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Its screen has an anti-glare panel that prohibits light from reflecting off the surface, it reduces eye strain.

Graphics and text are crisp and clear, and colour reproduction is excellent.

Design and build quality:

It’s a light laptop that weighs about 1.6 kg with a slim design that gives it an attractive appearance.


The laptop has an Intel Core i3-1005G1 processor with a base speed of 1.2 GHz and a turbo speed of 3.4 GHz.


This 4 GB DDR4 RAM is eco-friendly, clean, and efficient that can be upgraded to 12 GB using a single SO-DIMM slot.

Graphics Card:

The laptop includes Intel UHD graphics.


A 1TB HDD 2.5-inch SATA storage can store a lot of files such as music, videos, documents, and more.

Battery life:

With a two-cell lithium-ion 32Wh battery, it has a battery life of 6 hours on a single charge.

Ports & Slots:

  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports
  • 2 x USB 3.2 ports
  • HDMI port
  • Micro SD card reader


This laptop has Windows 10 Home preloaded.


The Asus Vivobook is a slim laptop under 30000 in India with Intel core i3 processor, 1TB HDD storage & Windows 10 OS for programming, gaming, graphic design, etc.


  • Ample Storage (1TB HDD).
  • Light Weight (1.6kg).
  • Better Battery life (6hrs).


  • Average Build quality.
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Buyers Guide for Best Laptop under 30000:

Currently, most people prefer to buy laptops instead of desktops because of their portability and flexibility.

With enhanced technologies, a laptop has become more convenient, while the main feature of a laptop that a desktop cannot provide is portability.

You’ll find many different brands with different configurations, both online and in the office, we will take a look at how to choose the best laptops.

There are many products from different brands in the market, which makes it difficult to choose the best laptop under 30000 rupees in India.

Several aspects should be considered when you want to purchase the product within the budget.

We have highlighted every component of the laptop that you should consider before purchasing.

Carefully understand the usefulness and importance of these features, then decide accordingly.

How will you use the laptop?

The most crucial factor to consider while purchasing a laptop is user intent, laptop users are classified into three categories: light, medium, and heavy.

Light User:

If you intend to use the laptop solely for email, web browsing, social media activity, or video streaming, you do not need to purchase a laptop with advanced settings.

Medium User:

If you want a laptop for document typing, internet browsing, or editing, you’ll need a device with a powerful processor, plenty of storage, and long battery life.

Heavy User:

If you need a laptop for gaming or creating graphic content, consider a device that is designed for intensive use.

You must choose a laptop that has more storage and excellent performance.

After you’ve determined what you’re looking for, look into other important criteria like CPU, storage, operating system, battery life, keyboard, etc.

You can get the best laptop under 30000 in India by taking into account all of these factors.

1. Processor:

While purchasing a laptop, the processor should be your priority because it is the laptop’s heart.

The CPU improves the efficiency of the laptop, and its speed is known as clock speed measured in gigahertz (GHz).

This speed ensures the capabilities of the CPU, therefore the faster the processor, the better your laptop will operate.

You should also evaluate the number of cores in the processor; more cores equals better efficiency.

In general, there are two processor brands available: Intel and AMD.

These companies manufacture a variety of processor series with varying quality and functionality.

Intel Processors:

Intel Atom:

This is Intel’s most basic element of processor mostly found in notebooks and tablets.

Intel Celeron:

The Intel Celeron CPU can be featured in a variety of laptops; it was developed by Intel in its early days.

When compared to other CPUs, it is quite slow.

Intel Core i3:

This is a fast Intel CPU with excellent multitasking capabilities; it exceeds the Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron processors.

If you are buying a laptop for moderate use, the Intel Core i3 processor will be the best laptop under 30000 rupees.

Intel Core i5:

Consider a laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor if you want a laptop that balances performance and price.

It ensures that the laptop performs admirably.

Intel Core i7:

The Intel Core i7 processor is an improved version of the Intel Core i5 processor.

This CPU also makes gaming and productivity faster.

Intel Core i9:

This is Intel’s most recent processor is exclusively found in gaming laptops that offer faster performance.

Intel processors produce less heat and noise, allowing the battery to last longer.

Although Intel produces these processors, they will be provided in high-end laptops.

AMD Processors:

AMD A-Series:

This processor may be found in mid-range and low-end laptops, but it has a good performance.

So, if you are looking for a laptop for web browsing and light activities, this processor is the better choice.

AMD FX Series:

The AMD FX series delivers a single processor for laptops known as the APU, it allows the laptop to run smoothly and efficiently resulting in high productivity.

AMD Ryzen:

These are the newly launched processors from AMD that are primarily designed to compete with Intel processors.

It is considered to be AMD’s most powerful series in the best laptop under 30000 rupees in India.

The AMD A and AMD FX series processors are commonly found in normal laptops, while the AMD Ryzen series processors are typically found in high-end laptops.

2. Storage:

Storage is a major factor when purchasing a laptop.

Typically, there are three types of storage, i.e., SSD, HDD, and SSHD.

All of these storage devices are used for storing and retrieving data when needed, and each has different advantages and disadvantages.

HDD or Hard Disk Drives:

In the world of computers, a hard disc drive (HDD) stores data on a spinning disc for a longer period.

Hard disc drives are less expensive and also have a wider variety of storage capacity.

Solid State Drives or SSD:

Solid-state drives utilize flash memory to assure exceptional performance and are newer than HDDs.

SSDs are faster than HDDs and thus ideal for gaming and heavy applications; they can also tolerate shocks better than HDDs because they lack a mechanical head.

However, SSD helps to keep the laptop cool because it uses less energy and is more expensive.

SSHD or Solid-State Hybrid Drives:

The SSHD drive is a hybrid of HDD and SSD storage, it provides the benefits of both HDD and SSD.

However, they are new in the market and must prove themselves.


They are commonly found in iPads, tablets, and some lightweight laptops.

Since this type of internal storage takes up little space, SSD is regarded as the most efficient storage technology available.

However, if you are looking for the best laptop under 30k with several features, then consider HDD storage.

3. RAM or Random-Access Memory:

RAM is another critical factor to consider before purchasing a laptop as it is a hard drive extension regarded as the smallest and fastest method of memory.

It also determines the laptop’s performance used by all laptop software to store all of its operational instructions.

RAM allows you to run multiple programs on your laptop at the same time.

Remember that more RAM allows you to perform more applications at the same time.

It is recommended that you choose a laptop with at least 4GB RAM or more while searching for the best laptop under 30000 rupees in India.

4. Display:

When purchasing a laptop, display size and quality are also significant considerations.

Choose a laptop with a tiny screen size if you want a super-portable laptop.

There are already laptops with 10.1-inch displays available, but 14-inch to 15.6-inch displays are considered ideal.

Keep in mind, that a large screen will make your laptop heavier.

When it comes to displaying quality, there are a few other factors to consider as follows:


If you want the best laptop under 30k, consider the laptop’s resolution.

It is advised that you use a display with a 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution if you want the greatest visuals.

Type of Display:

When you buy the best laptop under 30000 rupees, you will normally notice that it has different types of displays, such as an IPS display, a touchscreen display, an OLED display, an LED display, etc.

Twisted Nematic or TN:

TN is the most traditional type of display.

Though it is not as popular, still a prevalent type of display, particularly in entry-level computers.

In comparison to other display types, it’s less expensive.

In-Plane Switching or IPS:

This display is deliberately designed to provide good viewing angles and accurate colour reproduction.

The IPS displays tend to be more expensive than TN panels.

Since they offer high viewing angles, IPS displays are ideal for video editing and a gaming laptop.

Organic Light Emitting Diode or OLED:

It is becoming increasingly popular in the display industry, with OLED displays mostly found in phones and TVs.

OLED displays also have excellent viewing angles, colour reproduction, and accuracy, so they consume more power than other displays.

As we are discussing the best laptop under 30000 in India, you can only get IPS or TN panels with HD ready or full HD resolution.

OLED displays are more expensive than they are expected in high-end laptops.

5. Design:

Design is an important consideration, especially with laptops and if you travel frequently, then the 2 in 1 laptop is an excellent choice.

These laptops have a detachable keyboard or 360-degree foldable screen for optimum versatility.

As a result, you can use these laptops as tablets as well as for conventional work, these 2 in 1 laptop also include all of the basic and advanced features.

You can also choose lightweight and thin laptops that look attractive.

6. Graphics Card:

A graphics card is a part of a laptop that aids in the handling of games and visuals; however, a graphics card is not required for programming.

The majority of processors include integrated graphics cards that perform common programming tasks.

If you do a lot of video editing and gaming, you’ll need a high-end graphics card.

This delivers more fluid visuals, so invest in a high-end graphics card if you want the best pictures and gaming experience.

There are generally three brands of graphics cards i.e., Intel, AMD, and NVidia.

Intel Graphics Cards:

It has a primary graphics unit that allows you to do light work and basic computing.

AMD Graphics Cards:

If you are looking for a gaming laptop, choose an AMD graphics card.

AMD graphics cards are available in a variety of series including the Radeon RX 5700, Radeon RX 5600, RX VEGA, and RX 5500 graphics cards.

NVidia Graphics Cards:

It is considered a heavy-duty graphics card that is capable of handling complex jobs and playing high-end games.

NVidia has various graphics card series, i.e., GeForce RTX 20 series, the GeForce GTX TITAN series, etc.

While shopping for the best laptop under 30000 rupees in India, you should assume low-end integrated graphics cards.

7. Battery Life:

Apart from the processor, the battery is one of the most important factors.

Your laptop will not be able to run for an extended time if it does not have good battery life.

The battery life is provided in mill-ampere hours (mAh) and watt-hours (Wh), the greater the battery, the longer it’ll last.

Moreover, the programming that you run has an impact on battery life.

You cannot expect the battery to last longer if you run programs that require a lot of processing power or play games for an extended time.

As a result, while looking for the best laptop, you should consider this feature account as well.

8. Keyboard:

The keyboard is also a vital factor to consider while purchasing a laptop.

You will not desire an uncomfortable keyboard after paying a significant amount of money.

As a result, while shopping for a laptop, search for a comfortable keyboard that will provide you with the ideal typing experience.

9. Operating System:

When looking for the best laptop under 30000 rupees in India, you should evaluate the operating system, the os is essential for operating both the hardware and applications.

In laptops, there are several operating systems, it is recommended that you purchase a laptop with an operating system already installed.

DOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Mac OS are some of the most popular operating systems.

DOS or Disk Operating System:

Many low-cost laptops come pre-installed with DOS, however, for those laptops, you must obtain a separate operating system.

As a result, it will cost some extra money.

Microsoft Windows:

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world.

This Operating system is the most recent version of Microsoft OS that is available in two variants.

Windows 10 Home Edition is designed for home usage, while Windows 10 Pro Edition is designed for business use.


Some professional laptops include the Linux operating system which provides superior technical performance and security.

Chrome OS:

This Google operating system is primarily built for certain laptops, generally, Chromebook laptops are preloaded with Chrome OS.

Mac OS:

This operating system was produced exclusively for Apple laptops, it is smoother and performs better than Windows OS.

If you are looking for the best laptop under 30000 rupees in India, the majority of laptops have pre-installed Windows operating systems, however, DOS-based computers are also available.

10. Connectivity Ports:

Most laptops have a VGA port, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and HDMI connectors.

HDMI cables, USB pen drives, keyboards, etc. can be connected to these connectivity ports.

Type-C ports are offered in a few laptops at this price range.

While searching for the best laptop, you can’t neglect the ports included.

11. Security:

Typically, a laptop has a security feature such as a pin or password, hence your laptop will be more secure.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Which is the best laptop under 30000?

The Avita Essential is the best laptop available for less than 30,000 rupees.

How much RAM is good for laptops?

The 4GB of laptop RAM should suffice for anyone looking for the minimum essentials in computing.

Is Ryzen 5 better than i5?

AMD Ryzen 5 processors are often less powerful than Intel Core i5 processors.


These are the most effective laptops under 30000 for students and office users, most users choose them as they are quick and efficient.

We hope that we have simplified your task and if you have any questions about buying the best laptop under 30000 in India, please leave them in the comments section below.

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